Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Today my stepdad brought some of his great grand younguns over.
It's not that he's that old, but his progeny tend to breed young & indescriminantly.
One of then shot the Glass out of the sliding door in the back of the shop with a BB gun.
He says it was an accident.
He was standing 5 ft. from from a sheet of glass 4' by 6' 6".
The child is either a liar or the worst shot in the history of the fucking world.
And judging by the the number of dead birds in the lawn I'm going with lyin'sack of shit.
Well, whichever, it's costing my stepdad $125.00 for new glass.

Other peoples children are the best birth control.



At 7:38 AM, Blogger Tree said...

So true ... especially stragers little brats out in public, like shopping malls or worse yet Toys R Us. I swear to god if I hadn't been exposed to that I might have children by now. And it's not all kids, but all it takes that one .....

Glad to see you're back bloggin'


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